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or, Conversations With Myself, Writing, Recipes, & Rants

Lynn Nicholas / allmyhead
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I write. A few of my pieces of flash fiction and nonfiction can be found on WOW!, ALongStoryShort, EverydayFiction,GayFiction.... I've been lucky. Search for stories by Lynn Nicholas.
I'm also an avid reader. When I read an interview with Elizabeth Berg recently, I laughed out loud at the way she described herself. There I was, staring back at myself in her words; she was describing me better than I could ever describe myself:
"Overly idealistic, sentimental...a person who must pet every dog I pass AND attempt to engage it in conversation..I'm passionate about things to the point of annoyance..I'm a lover of flowers; I need them...I don't have any mechanical skills and wish I did..I'm a good cook. I'm a better eater...I'm deeply shy but I put on a good show to overcome it..."

When not writing or reading or in the garden, I'm on the dance floor taking lessons, both in ballroom dance and country western. I'm having a great time and trying not to feel foolish.

And there you have it. I'm also an animal lover. I have a wonderful Australian Terrier, and mixed breed, both of whom I adore, and a black cat.

So....if you want to know more than that, just ask.